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NPO 3keys (three keys)
“3keys” is a Japanese Specified Nonprofit Corporation.

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Our Vision

Aiming to make our society a place where every child can receive enough education and love regardless of where they were born and raised, which means a society that protects rights of all children.

Our Mission

Reducing the number of children whose rights are not protected due to where they were born and raised.

Our Activities & Solutions

● Offering Learning Support
Classroom Style Program (operates study sessions and study materials) for elementary school children who live in orphanages due to poverty and abuse.
COSTA (offers free study place and tutors) for age between 15 years old and 22 years old who do not have a good environment to study at home or money to afford a cram school.
● Promoting Protection of the Rights of Children
Mex (a website which offers information about organizations which children can seek help).
Mee no Nayami (videos to inform children about their rights).
● Enlightening the Society
Operate Child Issue Seminar,Give lectures,Write and speak for Media .


We help children who do not receive enough supports from the government and children who are not a part of government’s support target. Therefore, we are mainly operated by donations from private individuals and corporations. We hope you will consider making a donation so that we can support our children continuously.

● One Time Donation
If you wish to do “One Time Donation,” we are happy to accept donation from a bank transfer.
Beneficiary Bank : MUFG Bank, LTD.
Bank Code : 0005
Branch : Otsuka Branch
Beneficiary Account Number : 171-0081838
Beneficiary Name : NPO THREEKEYS

In the case of corporate donation, you can also donate from the following charity platforms:

Address:〒162-0805 Skip Bldg. 2F, 98-1 Yarai-cho, Shinjuku ku, Tokyo, Japan

The Current Situation of Japan

People might have heard about the current situation of children and young adults in Japan. Many of them are experiencing child abuse, truancy, bullying, suicide, poverty, and unexpected pregnancy.

In 2017, Japan hit the highest number of child abuse cases. There were 130,000 child abuse cases in 2017 (120,000 in 2016). In addition, in Japan, one of seven children are living in poverty. There are many children suffering from abuse and poverty at home, where it should be a base of their life.

At schools, the second most important place for children next to home, truancy and bullying became a huge problem. 190,000 students became truant (130,000 last year) and there were 410,000 cases of bullying. Both statistic hit the biggest number of all time in Japan. The main two places for children to be at– home and school–became places where they feel vulnerable, face abuse and abusive languages, and experience poverty, and bullying.

Japan lack in improvements for children’s environment and social security system. Japan is facing aging society; thus social security is more for senior citizens and not much for children and education, which became a burden for some parents and teachers. The rate of children’s poverty is 14.3%, which is higher than OECD average; however, the poverty rate of single-parent family is more than 50%, which is one of the worst in the world.